Friday, March 13, 2009

Gerry Penalosa vs Juan Manuel Lopez; Juanma Will Kill Gerry

"Juan Manuel Lopez will kill Gerry Penalosa." This seems to be in the mind of most boxing fans when they heard the Penalosa vs Lopez match up materialized. Well, I've got news for you - Gerry Penalosa ( 54 wins 36 via KO with 6 losses & the reigning WBO Bantamweight Champion) is not some boxing newbie and he is smarter than most people give him credit for. Penalosa is old not d---. I believe with his experience Gerry will survive the much vaunted Lopez. The only thing that concerns me is whether he can win. I know Gerry can win but does he have the stamina? Penalosa vs Lopez will either be a great fight or a one-sided affair and it will all depend on Gerry. Why? Juan Manuel Lopez will continue to be his usual aggressive and destructive self while Gerry Penalosa is a bit inconsistent. He could be the young Gerry or the present one, come fight night.

Gerry Penalosa vs Juan Manuel Lopez Fight Preview

Gerry Penalosa shocked a lot of people when he took on the challenge of Juan Manuel Lopez. Juan Manuel Lopez from Caguas, Puerto Rico is one formidable boxer with a record of 24 wins 22 via knockouts and no losses. Some of his opponents didn't even reach round two. Gerry is unfazed. Penalosa met another knockout artist before in the name of Daniel Ponce De Leon whom people say will lay Gerry to waste. It didn't happen. Using his experience and counter punching, Gerry Penalosa troubled De Leon. Gerry wasn't even hurt and the fact remains that some boxing writers had him ahead on their unofficial scorecards! You know why Gerry lost? Daniel Ponce De Leon simply outworked him --- Penalosa was surviving but didn't show enough to take the fight away from the Mexican - at least these were the judges' opinion on that.

Gerry Penalosa vs Juan Manuel Lopez Fight Preview

The first round is critical for Penalosa as Juan Ma Lopez explosiveness and knockout power might take Gerry by surprise and end the Filipino's night. I know his camp is prepared for this, and knowing Lopez's aggressiveness, Penalosa will have to counter punch his way out of it. There's no problem with Gerry's chin - he has withstand the best punches thrown at him but now that he has aged I wonder how many strikes he can handle. If this was 10 years ago, I'd say Gerry Penalosa will definitely win. I'm not saying Gerry Penalosa has no chance against Lopez at this phase of his career. Gerry can win if his stamina can sustain his attack. Against German Meral weeks ago, Gerry could barely keep up with his running opponent. Meral was very scared of Penalosa and sprinted his way to a loss. I am disturbed for Gerry is not as fast as he used to be. Thankfully for Penalosa, Juan Manuel Lopez will meet him head on. Lopez is gung-ho in trying to prove to the world he is for real and not a bum destroyer. Penalosa is a real challenge for him. Juan Manuel Lopez should never underestimate Gerry Penalosa. Two of his last three fights, the Filipino won via knockout. There's still power in the veteran's hands and Lopez has been dropped before during his amateur career.

Two boxers have so much at stake in the fight and this makes Penalosa vs Lopez a great match to watch.

Penalosa vs Lopez Update

March 11, 2009 - Gerry Penalosa will join Manny Pacquiao in the Wild Card Gym for training. He is also under Freddie Roach.

“I’m training hard. This is the most important fight of my career. I will continue to train at the Wild Card Gym in L.A. under the guidance of Coach Freddie after my return from the presscon in Puerto Rico this Saturday," PeƱalosa was quoted in the interview.

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