Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pacquiao vs Hatton Fight Quotes; Manny-chester, Pacquiao as William Wallace

These are quotes related to the upcoming Pacquiao vs Hatton showdown in Las Vegas this May.

"I am also a fan of Ricky, but Manny will kill him" - Batista

"I like Ricky because he has been very friendly since I came to England - on Saturday he even took me down to his local pub for a game of darts. But when we are in the ring, we will become different people. We will turn into warriors - nobody can help you in there when you are hurt and you need time out.I still have the hunger because I can remember what it was like when we could only afford to eat once a day and I was sleeping on the street.And I can remember the purse from my first fight was the equivalent of half an English pound: I gave it to my mother to help her buy our food.Every time I step into the ring, I am representing my people and give them inspiration by showing how Manny Pacquiao went from nothing to something." Pacquiao

"When I get in the ring I am fighting for these people. I represent them. Every fight I dedicate to my people" - Pacquiao

"North, South, East and West, this will be no contest.” Floyd Sr

"Now, I solved my fight & won and I will wait for the result of the fight between Hatton & Pacquiao…but I prefer to fight Manny Pacquiao…. Now, I can move on to 140 lbs. and fight either Ricky Hatton or Manny Pacquiao" - Juan Manuel Marquez to

"Manny will get to him in the later rounds and will knock him out at some point" - Roach

“I’ve been trying to get a third fight with Manny Pacquiao," he would say through Gomez. "But he doesn't want to fight me. So if he's not going to fight me than I'm calling out the very best - that's Floyd Mayweather. Who wouldn't want to see that fight? I'll fight him at 140, maybe a little bit above that. I want to fight the very best. " - JMM

"If anybody thinks FreddieJoke CoachRoach can do a better job than me they must be sick" Floyd Sr.

"It's a shame, Senior is not in the Hall of Fame" Roach

"Hatton is bigger than I am but this isn’t about big. It’s about punching hard and being effective." Pacquiao

Winning Pacquiao quote so far:

"It shouldn't be called Manchester; it should be called Manny-chester." Pacquiao

"I’m William Wallace, my middle name is Burns, and I am going to fight for Freedom against an Englishman.” Pacquiao

Update: Bernard Hopkins picks Pacquiao

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