Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twilight Anime Version? Edward & Bella Just Got Cooler

There's going to be Twilight Anime Version? Well at least according to the live-action director there will be. Catherine Hardwicke thinks there's going to be a Twilight anime version to be made in Japan soon. She said this on the DVD commentary of the film.

Twilight Anime

Actor Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen): I look Asian in this scene. I do, I look like an anime character.

Hardwicke: Hey, I think there's going to be an anime version of this in Japan. So you will be an anime character.

Long before news of this came out, I already saw anime-like illustrations of Bella and Edward Cullen and I thought, "Wow, it is so cool!" I have nothing against Twilight anime version but I think is this a ploy or extra buzz for its DVD release (Twilight DVD will be released on March 21 in the US)? As of the moment, don't get your hopes up - maybe this is just all an empty talk.

I read that Stephenie Meyer - Twilight's author - isn't so enthusiastic about the idea - but I couldn't confirm whether she actually made the comment or not. You may write the author and convince her to approve it. She might change her mind if she receives many positive feedback assuming of course what I've read is true.

Whether or not Meyer agrees with your letters, there's already Vampire Knight with a far superior storytelling for a vampire genre. Anime doesn't need Twilight. No details released yet for the alleged Twilight anime version so this must be hearsay at the moment.

Twilight anime version
If Twilight was made into an anime series, will the characters look like these? Bella and Edward just got 1000 times cooler.

Note: I don't claim ownership of the picture. Official Japanese Twilight book illustrations.

SOME misinformed people with below zero IQ (sprinkling of closet racists) began dissing anime (see PerezHilton site )like their cartoons are better. One even said why are anime characters have big eyes when Japanese have small eyes in reality. He concluded that they are "masters of irony". This is not the first time Asian pop culture has been attacked by dense posters in that site. As an anime fan, I'm livid at the ---ots. Anime is better than cartoons. Nobody in anime wear their briefs outside their pants -- some cartoon characters don't have pants at all! LOL!

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Chelsea said...

OMG!!!!!Plz Plz PLz Plz make a twilight U wud be combining my 2 favorite things in the world Anime and The Twilight Saga!!!!:)<<<<<<<<<3 ya and ..................MAKE A TWILIGHT SAGA ANIME'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Li Hua said...

Please dont. Twilight sux ass...

it world be bad if they ruined anime as well. :(