Monday, March 9, 2009

Pacland Owns Hatton; Pacfans More Classy

Since Hatton has been busy dishing out nonsense lately and Paclanders or the people of have taken the cudgel for their idol.


Bob colins:
"Hatton is right he is bigger than Pac. May 2 as follows:
will be bigger in damages
will be bigger in bleeding
will be bigger in swollen face
will be bigger in head pains
will be bigger in rolling the canvass"

"But PAC has the bigger heart

If you want to see more pawnage visit I can't reprint them all...


The fight is at 140lbs and Hatton plans to add up to 14 - 16 lbs - a suicide if you will. No knowledgeable boxing fan will believe that. Ten pounds or less is the ideal weight to gain come fight night unless of course Hatton wants to do a De La Hoya meaning become another punching bag. They are not fooling anyone with that.

By the way, Hatton talks too much. I think it is a sign of insecurity. If boxing was a talking contest, Hatton should've won against Mayweather - too bad it is NOT. On second thought, Hatton will win only on the number of words wasted since most of Mayweather's barbs are on target!

Every boxer save for the loonies have plans every time they box. Once they get hit, it will take a lot of discipline not to deviate from it.

Pacfans are definitely more classy than this certain guy. They don't boo the US National Anthem while in the US - that act is disgusting. Pacquiao's fans know how to respect their host.

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