Saturday, March 28, 2009

Naruhina Continues - Hinata's Alive; Ulquiorra Gets What's Due Him

In a development that brought happiness to Naruto Shippudden fans and sadness to trolls, Hinata is alive!!! I told you so. She's too valuable to be eliminated. Masashi Kishimoto has many uses for the anime and manga character Hinata. It means more drama is to come to the alleged romantic pair Naruto and Hinata (Naruhina).

It turns out Hinata's wounds weren't fatal and she kept on mentioning Naruto's name. In other news, the frogs are also alive.


Ulquiorra finally gets what's due to him in the latest issue of Bleach. A cero from a very Hollow-looking Ichigo finished him off. I'm not yet sure whether we've seen the last of him, we have to confirm it next week. No mercy from Ichigo this time.

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