Sunday, March 15, 2009

Barrera vs Khan Fight Result: He Khan Do It

Amir Khan defeated Marco Antonio Barrera by decision as referee stopped fight due to accidental headbutt in their WBA International Lightweight championship clash at M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, UK. He is now the rising star of British boxing again after being ostracized months ago for losing to a then unknown Colombian boxer Breidis Prescott. Barrera vs Khan is marketed as the fight of a legend (faded) over a rising star. Marco Antonio Barrera unofficially retired two years ago but came back and notched a two wins over unknowns Sammy Ventura and Freudis Rojas.

Barrera vs Khan Fight Result
Round 1
Khan came roaring out and Barrera was game fighting back. Both boxers trade jabs and Barrera hits Khan with a left hook. A clash of heads cuts Barrera. Barrera is bothered by it and Amir Khan takes full advantage with left and right hands landing on the Mexican

Barrera vs Khan Fight Result
Round 2
Barrera's fighting blind but won't give up. Khan continues to rack up points. Barrera's cut is becoming worse as the fight wears on - it looks nasty. The Mexican couldn't see and is sitting duck. Khan is more patient now --- his punches are more precise and are systematically dismantling the aging Barrera.

Barrera vs Khan Fight Result
Round 3
Khan is relentless but most of his punches are blocked by Barrera. The Englishman pushes on landing a three punch combo.

Barrera vs Khan Fight Result
Round 4
Khan still dominates and blood still oozing out of Barrera's face. The fight is temporarily stopped as the doctor checks Barrera. The fight will continue - UNBELIEVABLE. Barrera offers token resistance. Khan throws a combo with the crowd roaring in approval.

Barrera vs Khan Fight Result
Round 5
Khan's lefts are unstoppable. Khan lands another combo. There's a break in action...and finally the fight is stopped. It should've been stopped earlier - GEE.

Khan wins via decision. Congratulations. I wonder if Khan will challenge Prescott to a rematch.

Official scorecards: 50 -44, 50 -45, 50 - 45

The fight should've been stopped by the fourth round. It was disgusting allowing it to continue to round 5. It would result in a no-contest if the fight was stopped between rounds 1 to 4.

Barrera vs Khan Post Fight Quotes:

"I felt so completely easy, catching him with jabs. I felt like I was on a better level than him." Khan

"I'd like to get it (a world title) done this year. I'd like to see him get a belt round his waist by the end of this year" Frank Warren - Khan's promoter

"We came ready to fight. In the first round, there was a headbutt...they didn't stop the fight in the first round and I think they should have," stated Marco Antonio Barrera. "If I would've had my two eyes...I couldn't see the guy since the first round...his punches never did nothing to me," he continued

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