Friday, May 1, 2009

Death Note Live Action Movie / Not Another Live Action

Man, Hollywood will do a Death Note Live Action movie. The live-action remake rights were acquired by Warner Bros. according to internet reports.

Death Note is a Japanese manga about a high school student named Light Yagami who discovers a notebook which kills anyone whose name was written on it. Hunting him down is a mysterious detective called L.

Death Note has three live-action movie remakes and an anime show in Japan. In the US version, the internet report states the protagonist will be in college.

US Death Note Live Action Screenwriters: Vlas and Charley Parpalanides
Producers: Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Dan Lin and Brian Witten

Interesting fact: Warner Bros Japan made the Japanese live-action film versions according to Variety

Currently, the third Japanese Death Note movie L Change The World has finished its US screening.

Sources: ANN, Variety

I'll save my commentary later...(I would like to comment but I haven't got any more time see ya later). We'll give Death Note Live Action a chance.

Updates will follow

Rumors has it Zac Efron will be Light Yagami! More on this later.

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