Monday, May 4, 2009

Pacquiao vs Hatton Post Fight Analysis: Welcome To Pacman Wonderland

Busting the Pacquiao vs Hatton assertions

assertion 1: Hatton is bigger than Pacquiao. Hatton boasts of this fact a lot.
reality: no bearing in the fight as speed killed the Mancunian braggart

assertion 2: Pacquiao has no Power
reality: Yup De La Hoya made Ricky Hatton believe that but Manny Pacquiao's left violently DISAGREED

assertion 3: Hatton: Pacquiao's victory over De La Hoya a fluke
reality: again Pacquiao's left and right disagreed and won the argument

assertion 4: can't teach old dogs new tricks
reality: in Hatton's case true!

assertion 5: Hatton: Pacquiao Gone in Sixty Seconds
reality: Hatton gone in Two

Heard / Read on the Internet

"Put some blanket on Hatton" fan watching a feed in Manila gym

"Welcome to Pacman Wonderland" youtube pacfan

Ricky Hatton is now looking for excuses...face your defeat like a man Ricky!

Update: Ricky believed the BS De La Hoya told him. In fact Hatton was only to happy to echo the words of the "black and blue boy". So he got a rude reality check. Fox News described Hatton as"overrated" whether its true or not its your call. Manny Pacquiao destroyed most assumptions against him. In fact I'm happy if they keep on underestimating him as a post in Philboxing forum summed it up:

If you look past Manny you will not see his left, learn some Humility Ricky -dranex

Simply put Manny is a better boxer than Ricky Hatton. His hands have power and he sticks to the game plan. Pacquiao has a great ability to implement a sound strategy perfectly. Finally, Manny Pacquiao has ring intelligence something that most people don't think he has. Manny can adjust his plan of attack if situations in the ring requires it. When Manny attacked Hatton furiously in the 2nd round, he couldn't KO the Englishman so he calmed down and boxed...Ricky Hatton didn't notice the change. He charged in --- but Pacman's left welcomed him and it was GAME OVER. Unlike Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao's change of boxing style happened gradually and we can see it.

Poems for Floyd Mayweather Sr

wahoopunk from espn

Floyd Joy Mayweather here, just in time
To lay down another putrid rhyme.
I told the whole world I was the all-time best
The best at ensuring my fighters flunk their test.

I'm such an annoying twit that even my own son
Got sick of my routine and told me to be gone.
I said I'd teach my fighter some skills, to stick and move
And I kept my word -- he's mastered the horizontal groove.

I insulted the opposing trainer and said his fighter was made of glass
But my fighter's fiercest attribute turned out to be his thong-clad a.s.s.
The highlight of our training camp was ordering from Taco Bell
But now it's over and I'll spend an eternity in humbling hell.

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