Thursday, May 28, 2009

Animes I Like To Have Live-Action Versions / Slam Dunk/ Kenichi / Yamato Nadeshiko / Samurai Champloo Live Action

Here are the animes I like to have live-action versions whether a movie or a TV series (not in order)
  1. Kenichi History's Strongest Disciple - technically doable, funny storyline. There are interesting fighting concepts not found in other run-the-mill martial arts stuff. If ever they make a Kenichi Live Action Version I hope they tone down the "ecchi" stuff. It's not necessary! Who will be Miu Furinji? At the moment I can't think of anyone. If Saaya Irie can act, she should try out for this role. Anyone who describes Kenichi as some Karate Kid is stupid. Watching Kenichi makes you respect martial arts and don't look inane doing it too.
  2. Slam Dunk - another doable story. It's about basketball has better story than the one airing on local television right now. Yup. if ever they want to produce a Slam Dunk Live Action the producers should know to keep basketball sequences real. Yes, there are things that work in anime or cartoons only. It is foolish to keep them on live action dramas. Yes, at least the game they playing should still be basketball.
  3. Initial D - Yup. Forget the wannabe version which almost ruined the anime for me. I see Yamapi playing Takumi. But I don't mind new Japanese actors playing the role as long as they understand Takumi's character. No, Takumi's father doesn't have a sadistic streak. Besides, Yamapi said he doesn't want to play high school roles anymore.
  4. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - The Wallflower Live Action - Have you seen this anime? It is so funny it is one of my favorites. I nominate Chiaki Kuriyama as Sunako. Why? She has a very long black hair and a scary look on her face. They have to find some replacement to Sunako in chibi form as it is impossible in a live action version. I prefer the fangirls to name the guys.
  5. Samurai Champloo - Oh boy, if some avant garde director thinks he can pull this off -- do it!!! This anime doesn't get the recognition that it deserves but Samurai Champloo is one spectacular anime! Yes it could be done as a samurai live action. The producers have to make sure all fight scenes have off-the-hook hip hop beats Samurai Champloo style.
  6. Rurouni Kenshin - Need I explain? Great anime and somewhat historical too...Kenshin Himura I think could be played by Nino of Arashi. He is small, looks weak but is a great actor. Rurouni Kenshin live action should be as realistic as possible. Yes, I know it will piss off some hard core fans but it is the only way it won't look cheesy. Kaoru will be Masami?
  7. Fruits Basket - I know it will look weird as a live-action drama but this anime has one of the best stories and insights about humans and relationship ever made. How can a simple anime delve deeply into human relationship? Fruits basket live action also has a love triangle which is great in keeping an audience.
  8. Vampire Knight - If ever a Vampire Knight Live Action be done, it will be heavily scrutinized by the series' rabid fans. The casting will be examined carefully. So who I think will play Yuki Cross? Hmmm..Satomi Ishihara - she's cute and has large eyes so like Yuki's. If you have a better suggestion, holler at me. Satomi Ishihara is a bit older now. Too bad. I don't know any younger Japanese actress. Don't expect any innuendos if this turns into live action as they are in HIGH SCHOOL.
  9. Bleach - I want to see a Bleach Live Action. But I don't think the Japanese have the special effects to match the anime show. They should make a story just for the movie. Tite Kubo is against the idea however.
  10. Full Metal Panic - Who wants to see this funny anime in live-action? I do. I meant the Japanese version. This will be expensive but I don't mind watching it. It will interesting to see who will play Chidori.
Ranma 1/2 Live Action- I want to see Ukyo (not the Samurai Showdown Ukyo HEHE) in Real Life.

So far I could think of ten right now...this is my personal opinion. How about yours - which anime would you like to see in live-action form? Next stop Hottest Anime Babes or Top Ten Prettiest Female Anime Characters...

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sonofaditch said...

Ghost Fighter! Ghost Fighter! Ghost Fighter! wahahahaha

Oresama said...

haha...nice one
I'll add Tora Dora