Monday, May 11, 2009

Who Is This Sage of the Six Realms? / Danzo Naruto's Most Hated

Who is this mysterious Sage of the Six Realms?

The Sage of the Six Realms according to Naruto 446 was
- the first to divine the true meaning of chakra and tried to lead the world to peace
-his religion (probably the ability to manipulate chakra) later developed into Ninja techniques
-he has Rinnegan like Nagato
-he is quoted to have said," I am here to provide Peace and Order'
-as of the moment, nothing is ever heard of this Sage of the Six Realms

The Sage of the Six Realms looks like an akatsuki member based on his silhouette. Not much information is provided about him and where he is now - maybe in the following chapters of the Naruto saga (Japanese manga or comic book to noobs).

Why did it take two weeks to release this Naruto chapter?
There was a festival in Japan last week so no Weekly Shounen Jump. It was a holiday get it? It's not like it was done on purpose to piss fans off. Geesh. Some anime fans need to grow up.

If the Naruto story is getting old, you're getting old with it. Hard to admit for some people but it is the truth. Just enjoy the manga dude!


Based on personal observation, Danzo could be Naruto's most hated character at the moment displacing Nagato after the latter's sob story. Danzo is the mastermind of the extermination of a certain clan in Konoha and he is now the "last straw" so to speak that turned Nagato against Konoha. How quickly can fans turn against a character eh? The good thing is Sasuke is now looking for him.

I'm not that affected though. My most hated anime character is Suzaku Kururugi - the hard headed and pea-brained character in Code Geass. The good thing about him is he doesn't even know he's bad.

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sonofaditch said...

Si Suzaku gid ya? hahaha. I consider both him and Lelouch despicable in their own ways. There is no clear-cut good/bad guy in Code Geass...even Nunally was forced to confront her own dark side when she gained the controls to Damocles. The good ones are the dead ones...hay naku.

Oresama said...

yes, the characters in Code Geass are flawed and never perfect that's why I like it as it is a bit realistic.

I forgot to add Floyd Mayweather Sr - he looks like a badly drawn anime character anyway BWAHAHAHA LOL.

Oresama said...

I remember how many times the Brits have put his life in danger but he still continues to serve them...he does this to gain favor with the King but at the same time he is killing his people. With his talent, Suzaku would have been a better addition to the Black Knights but he just doesn't get it. Hey Suzaku there are only two of you left in your clan - wiped out by the Britannians yet you don't grieve for them (relatives). Worse you serve the people that wiped them off. You're pathetic.

Sorry Suzaku nothing personal hehe...Don't worry someone will edge you out of my list soon.

LOL at my rant I can't believe I got so affected by Code Geass. I've got to give it to the writer rarely am I emotionally involved in an anime. I can't believe it LOL.

Suzaku Kururugi
Floyd SR

To Suzaku Kururugi fans: Don't be angry with me just my opinion ok? Peace hehe...

My impression of Lelouch is he is a camera whore and when he said United States of Japan I can't help but laugh out loud. Unfortunately, even without using Geass he has four girls drooling for him: Kallen, CC, Kururugi's cousin The Princess and Shirley.