Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacquiao vs Hatton Result / Pacquiao Disposes Hatton In Two

Pacquiao vs Hatton result is Pacquiao destroying Hatton in Two Rounds. Yes, two rounds---- better than what Coach Freddie Roach predicted. In the first round alone Pacquiao dropped Hatton twice shutting up the English's noisy fans and trainer. But Ricky Hatton got up and tried some dirty tricks...didn't work as Manny Pacquiao was too fast and smart to get trapped. The second round started with Hatton reverting to his old style --- attacking Pacquiao recklessly. The Filipino was very much prepared. A massive left from Pacquiao hit Hatton in the jackpot (chin) and the Englishman fell like the London Bridge. It turns out if you brawl with Manny Pacquiao you kiss the canvass -- but warnings from Pacquiao camp were ignored by Hatton's.

Basically, I saw an old Hatton and with that style you cannot win against Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao punished him with shots the Englishman never expected. Pacquiao's left shook Hatton's entire body and his legs gave way...that's the power.

I didn't thought the fight would end so swiftly like this! Never ever have I imagined this. Great fight Manny! Thank you Lord for giving Manny the strength to win this fight.

Pacquiao vs Hatton Result: Manny KO2 Hatton:

All the foolishness Hatton and Hatton's camp uttered came back to haunt them. All the racist attacks the some Brits threw against Manny backfired. Serves them right.

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