Saturday, May 30, 2009

Naruto 449: Kakashi, Shizune & Others Revived / Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu

Naruto Chapter 449: Nagato convinced of Naruto's good intentions resurrects most of the Konoha ninjas he killed including Kakashi and Shizune. Kakashi was really dead but was revived. I was convinced since last week that Nagato would do no harm and he did. Using Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu, Nagato returns the lives of the people he killed and at the same time making many Naruto fans happy with such a happy ending. Let us say many were outraged with what they called "senseless" killings of Naruto characters before so I hope they are satisfied now. It is not enough of course but it is better than nothing.

Naruto Chapter 449 - wow! I don't want to dissect the chapter like I'm preparing for a thesis presentation just take it as it is - a good one.

The technique Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu just shows how powerful Pain is. He singlehandedly destroyed Konoha and killed many people. As of the moment, he is the most formidable Naruto opponent.

Well, well, some old friend of Naruto's going back to Konoha. Yup, the one he is looking for, is coming back and it won't be a HAPPY REUNION.

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