Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Qatar (Al Arabi) Fiba-Asia Champions Cup Quarterfinals

It will be Smart Gilas vs Qatar (Al Arabi) in the quarterfinals of the Fiba-Asia Champions Cup. Yes the boys of SBP Team Pilipinas showed winning attitude and mental toughness to beat Kuwait yesterday 98 - 93. Although it was no bearing game, it is still better to notch a victory - in order for the team to have that winning habit. Next opponent for Smart Gilas is the Al Arabi team of Qatar. It has a 2-2 record in the competiton.

CJ Giles will play today as he only suffered a strained quadriceps according to the team's conditioning coach. He is needed esp in rebounding as Smart Gilas got outrebounded by its opponents in the tourney so far.

Smart Gilas vs Qatar (Al Arabi) 7:00pm Philippine Time. The Fiba-Asia site got it wrong. Smart Gilas is A2 as it placed second in Group A not A3 so its sked is the second to the last game tonight.

Coach Rajko Toroman is instilling competitive fire and winning attitude to his wards. Yes I love that.

"Even when I took the final time-out my message to the players was ‘we can either die like warriors or die like chickens.’ I’m proud my boys came out warriors."

Thank you for choosing our country to part your basketball knowledge Mr. Toroman.

You know what's unbelievable? Our team made up of amateurs have defeated import-powered professional squads from other countries! Yes, Smart Gilas defeated Kuwait without CJ Giles and playing against their reinforcements Harris and Box.

Update: FIBA Not Following Its Own Schedule
I was surprised when the game between Smart Gilas and Qatar started much later at 9:00 pm instead of 7:00 which is in the sked signed for by the Fiba-Asia head himself. Unbelievable. See for yourself Match No. 23

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