Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Pacquiao vs Hatton Post Fight Analysis Who's To Blame For Ricky Hatton's Defeat?

Pacquiao vs Hatton Post Fight Analysis: Ricky Hatton and disgraced boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. are having a very ugly public fight one that resembles two fish vendors quarreling. Both men are in denial refusing to take responsibility for the loss. Frankly speaking, if anyone's to blame its Manny Pacquiao as he is too good for this Ricky Hatton. It is simple the Brit can't win what he can't hit. Pacquiao was so fast Hatton could barely hit him. On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao was turning Hatton's face into a dart board - a moving target so to speak.

The only thing Hatton got trained for this match was his mouth. Floyd Mayweather almost honed it to perfection. It seems Manny Pacquiao took note of it as he landed his left in the Englishman's jaw as if the Pound for Pound King was trying to shut him up. He did. Now Hatton is left making excuses for himself LOL - that's the way they do things in England. When they lose excuses galore, I've experienced this many times. For example, when England lost to Brazil in 2002 World Cup quarterfinals 1 - 0, some metrosexual English player said Ronaldinho's goal was a fluke in an effort to belittle the win. The talented Brazilian then distinguished himself from that hyped player by leading his country to World Cup title. All the sourgraping in the world didn't change the fact Brazil was World Champions in 2002. Back to Pacquiao vs Hatton, I don't think even with a sound strategy Hatton could beat Pacquiao. Modesty aside, all strategy in the world is useless when you can't hit your opponent.

Excellent fight plan, exacting training regimen, world class coaching, talent, and most importantly faith in God won the day for Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has always faced world-class opponents in whatever division he is.

I still can't get enough of Pacquiao vs Hatton match last Sunday and I think I've seen the replays like 30 times and still counting. I didn't expect Ricky Hatton to fall in the first round I gave him more credit than that. But I was happy anyway. When Pacquiao scored his second knockdown I'm hoping Hatton won't get back up for his safety and thereby ensuring Manny's victory. But the Mancunian was stubborn and got pummeled in the end.

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