Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Croatia eliminates England from Euro 2008. Listen closely to the commentators, objectivity is not their forte - this is not BBC Sport coverage smarty pants.

Since England didn't qualify in Euro 2008 football commentators and writers in that country are content in reminiscing the good old days (see itv sport euro page) and as one fan said on the BBC Sport webpage favoring teams with more English Premier League players - pathetic. However it is fine by me as it is their country but it is questionable when some people do that in Asia as if most of us care.

ESPN Sportscenter Asia is a misnomer it should be ESPN Sportscenter England - watch CCTV sports program. Now that's an Asian sports news program! What a useless sports channel Espnstar is...not enough coverage of North American sports action as if the entire Asia is English-sports crazy. It doesn't even cover other soccer tournaments like the South America World Cup Qualifier (it is way better than FA Classic or whatever). Worse, some self-appointed experts think Asia loves England NT and it is the best in the world (they couldn't contain their bias), I'm glad they got booted out of Euro so those jerks get doused with cold water and get back to reality. Useless, I think cable companies in our country should just cancel their subscription to that channel. Now the geniuses are profiling "soccer cities". I prefer to watch football games live much like in Fox Soccer Channel not endless blah blah.

They can't possibly tell me Asians are not interested in South American football. The network is limiting our choices! South America won nine World Cups and their players dominate Europe. Geesh.

Thank goodness Balls TV covers Copa Libertadores for ESPNSTAR is ANGLO-CENTRIC (covers British boxers only, search Manny in their website and you'll get nada. I think the network should be called ESPNSUCKAR. It would have been fine if the country is a sports superpower but it isn't.)

What is the use of a sports channel when you can't see the biggest football derby in the world: Brazil vs Argentina next week? The ESPNSTAR has no in-depth NBA Finals coverage. It doesn't cover sports that Asians excel like badminton (Star Sports used to do it). I didn't know that ASIA is actually a borough in England!

In fairness, the network is now giving Asian Football some coverage at least on the net. I think ESPNSTAR should be more Asian sports centered. It is lucky for it doesn't have competition Asian wide. I hate monopolies. The geniuses have also deprived Filipino football fans of Asian World Cup qualifying coverage (early rounds). It is only England's World Cup qualifiers that deserve attention. &^*%&%%$*^! I hope in the upcoming months the network will act like the worldwide leader in sports.

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