Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HUMANS AS PETS...Kimi Wa Petto

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A successful career woman Iwaya Sumire (Koyuki - The Last Samurai) is getting tremendously pressured by male colleagues and bosses alike for being tough and not being more womanlike. Female co-workers are wary and envious of her. Despite having a flourishing career, she feels something’s missing. She has become stone-cold and almost incapable of crying. One day going home from work, she finds a guy (Jun Matsumoto) lying unconscious and apparently beaten-up for he was bloodied and bruised all over (just outside her apartment). Failing to get help and a sudden outpour of rain forced her to take him into her home where she nursed the guy back to health. The following day, the young man is ok and she tells him to go home. The guy pleaded to stay for a while. Sumire said she only allow him to stay if he becomes her pet. Surprisingly, the young man agreed and she dubbed him Momo after her beloved dog when she was young. This is the story of the Japanese dorama called Kimi Wa Petto or You are My Pet.

What is there to like about this dorama? Just like in any other dorama it has a very unique story. Kimi wa Petto isn’t simple as it sounds fo the writer fully explains human to human interactions and complications such as love, the need for warmth, unconditional acceptance, ego and real self through one of the characters ( a shrink). So many weird and funny theories on human relationship but they sound rational that I couldn’t help but agree sometimes. There are so truths expounded and it encompasses cultures like what a successful career woman goes is the same here as in Japan (according to my sister and attested by personal observation). Despite the unbelievable premise of the story, the drama itself is realistic in portraying relationships (successful woman to insecure man, successful man and woman interaction etc). Kimi Wa Petto is funny, and intelligent - doesn't take itself too seriously. It has scenes to keep one glued and guess what's going to happen next.

Kimi Wa Petto is an excellent series – it was my sister who first watched the drama and I joined her. I’m glad I did for a pretty girl caught my eyes in this show. I find her more appealing than the female lead.

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