Thursday, June 26, 2008


Stories about dolphins helping humans in distress became a reality for one fisherman whose fishing boat capsized Saturday in the Visayan Sea after being hammered by Typhoon Frank.

A dolphin rescued Joseph Cesdorio, 34, a fisherman from Cebu who was among the crew members of the F/B Nicole Louise 2, a Cadiz-based fishing boat.

Unfortunately, Cesdorio and the dolphin died, upon reaching the shoreline of Burias Island in Masbate, Roberto Caratao, a survivor, told reporters in Cadiz City yesterday.

He saw the adult-sized dolphin pushing and trying to carry on his back Cesdorio who was still alive then, towards the shoreline of Burias Island, Caratao said.

But both later died and were buried together in Burias Island, he said.


Whether true or not, the people in the island believe some animals do tend to help human beings besides serving as food or pet. Unfortunately, some humans return the favor by eating them whether or not these animals are really delicacy citing poverty as the reason. Yes, it is a fair rationalization but DOLPHINS are not meant for eating. There are many fish in the sea (and dolphins are mammals anyway I wonder why some eat them) - literally.

I'm not surprised by the report ever since I was young I was told of a story of a fisherman who was saved from a shark by a fish locally known as "Palad". The creatures covered him and the shark missed the human.

Note: Palad is a wide-bodied fish. A school of it could actually hide something whether a human being or other things. The fisherman in the story also made a vow not to eat Palad again.

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