Friday, June 13, 2008


Finally, Ring Magazine elevated Manny Pacquiao as the No.1 Pound for Pound boxer in the world (best boxer in the world regardless of weight class). It happened for Floyd "Money" Mayweather the former No.1 retired maybe in order to negotiate more moolah for his future fights. The American had always received special treatment - he hadn't made a mandatory title defense in more than two years (after beating Baldomir of Argentina). WBC overlooked this travesty and Mayweather pretty much did what he wanted (fighting De La Hoya and in the WWE). Yes, Mayweather is technically superior but he didn't lose his No.1 spot even when he is not fighting for months while Manny fought the best there is and still ends up in second place (because Money "retired" the much awaited match against Miguel Cotto fizzled out at the moment).
Maybe race has something to do with it. Even the slapper Calzaghe gets the No.2 in some people's list after his victory over Bernard Hopkins. Nah, after it happened I stopped giving credence to any P4P list. I would rather have Manny win world titles than being No.1 in the subjective P4P list. For all its worth, I would still like to congratulate Manny! The recognition is long overdue. After this no more pondering on any P4P list!

Ring Magazine, the recognized “Bible of boxing has just announced that it has elevated Filipino ring idol and national treasure Manny Pacquiao to No.1 in its coveted pound-for-pound ratings.

Respected Editor-in-Chief Nigel Collins informed Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today that the Ring had received written confirmation from Floyd Mayweather Jr that he had “relinquished the Ring welterweight championship.”

As a result Collins said they “updated the ratings including the pound-for-pound, to reflect his retirement. Manny is now No.1 pound-for-pound!”

Collins said that in other Pacquiao news, Top Rank requested that Manny be given “until after the David Diaz fight to decide if he wanted to relinquish the Ring 130 pound title” which he won in a rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez last March 15.


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