Thursday, June 19, 2008


I don't know what kind of store is H&M but please take note of this racist shop. It tolerates racism. The gall they even hired a Filipino lawyer to defend them. How about firing the abusive employee? Stand up for human rights H&M!

filipino american lawyer hired for h&m discrimination suit

This is an interesting twist in that H&M discrimination case that made headlines a few months back. In September, Frannie Richards filed a lawsuit against clothing store H&M for alleged discrimination. She was shopping at one of the Chicago stores an encountered an employee who subjected her to racial and sexual slurs, calling her a "mail-order bride" and making fun of her ability to understand English (she speaks perfect English): h&m: the new a&f? Here's the weird part. H&M has chosen Filipino American lawyer Joseph J. Centeno to represent their case: Fil-Am vs. Fil-Am in H&M dispute. Whaaaat? Link

How ironic most Filipinos when seeing white people I think are just two steps away from kneeling! They get special treatment and they act like jerks when they are here. They think they are cute. Time to remove the wool in your eyes people! Maybe if you get an idea on how we are treated you'll stop doing it.

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