Monday, June 2, 2008


There are few writers who can capture my attention, hold and retain it forever. Some like the late Max Soliven and Teddy Benigno were my idols. The problem I had with Benigno was I had to consult a dictionary after reading every sentence for he tended to use words I never even knew existed! While Max Soliven has historical anecdotes not found in most history books, I missed that.

Presently, these are the writers I admire. First, Dave Barry (“If you leave this website I will kill this defenseless toilet”) a humorist and his articles always crack me up. Personally, I wouldn’t call him one if he failed to amuse me (never happened)! He finds humor even in the most simple of things like calling a technology specialist or explaining the latest technology. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner and delivers commentary “from the international economy to exploding toilets”. Second, Bo Sanchez, his stories and the insights you will get from it are priceless. Bo’s write up is riveting and funny, and makes you want to read more. Lastly, Pastor Chuck Swindoll is another writer I greatly admire. He has the great ability to capture your attention and can hold it for thirty minutes a night (and even weeks esp. if the topic is about a great man in the Bible – like St. Paul). His use of dramatic language can stir one’s emotions (reminiscent of Martin Luther King). Pastor Swindoll’s biblical expositions are spellbinding and enriching. The Pastor always attaches an appropriate joke in his sermons – though funny the lessons are unmistakably clear. Despite writing it in the first place, he himself can’t help but crack up together with his audience – I just love that! His jokes are really funny and I want to share it but it is not available right now. He once said he loves humor. I love humor too but for the life of me I realize most of my posts are anything but funny (this was written on May 9, 2008 and I’m publishing it now). The every first blog posts that I ever made were funny (at least to me in my first blog not this one) along the way I somehow lost that attitude. I’m trying to recover the carefree writing style. I want to convey my personality accurately to my readers.

Boy, have you felt something like that before? Being mesmerized by someone through his speech or writing, it is akin to being in another world. I have and these three great persons are the masters of it. I like their writing style and at the moment I’m developing my own for I want my writing style to be first-rate representation of my self and not a second-hand version of somebody else’s. But I really want to emulate and hone is their ability to spellbound people with their writing. I think I haven’t reached that level yet.

I think it was John Cleese (Monty Python – never watched it - sick British humor. A BBC comedienne once said “What are you going to do with your dirty cutlery? Give it to the Filipino of course.” YEAH, YOUR QUEEN IS AN OLD HAG!) said he’d rather be a good comedian than a good lover. I prefer both 49% funny 51% lover. I’m a Filipino and we are passionate people! Need proof? The 2% population growth rate last year…take that! I’m doing myself a great service by writing funny stuff (at least to me). After all, life is too short to get pissed all the time. I’m doing my internal organs a favor too as anger is like slow suicide. (Addition- today: for example this upcoming election, a politician is happily doing the fandango while some political observers are getting pissed. Since the politician enjoyed what he is doing that’s a plus for him while the observers get minuses for straining their organs due to anger. If this happens when I’m around I’ll say – Go Manny! Go Manny! Try Superman by Soulja Boy it is a sure way to crack some bones…I mean appeal to youth vote! See? I’m such a nice guy.)

Humor is important as this is the thing that could keep my siblings interested in my blog. Right sibs? Please nod your heads. Thanks.

I have a classic article courtesy of Dave Barry - his own commencement address to class of 200? Enjoy!

This is your big day-the day when you jam four years' worth of unlaundered underwear into a Hefty bag and leave college, prepared by your professors to go out into the Real World. The first thing you'll notice is that your professors are not going out there with you. They're not stupid; that's why they're professors. They've figured out that college is a carefree place where the most serious real problem is finding a legal parking space. So your professors are going to stay in college until they die. Even then, they'll go right on teaching classes.

This is called ''tenure.'' But you, the members of the Class of 200?, have committed the grave tactical blunder of acquiring enough credits to graduate. So now you're leaving college and embarking upon the greatest adventure -- and the biggest challenge -- of your young lives: moving back in with your parents. For full article

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