Wednesday, June 4, 2008


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If I am given the chance to nominate someone as the national hero of the country at the moment it would be Manny Pacquiao (along with the OFW). His impact to our country recently has been amazing. When both the AFP and MILF (not the American pie acronym) declared a short truce in the duration of Manny fight against Marquez last March (which was I admit felt like forever if you are watching it on local TV), I was lost for words. He alone can stop two forces from fighting even for a short period of time! WOW! Nobody has done it! Not even the Malaysian peacekeepers (there were recorded skirmishes between the two camps even during peace negotiations).

I'd say HE MUST WIN ALL THE TIME for his victories boost the morale of our very weary nation. God bless him. And for people who wish his defeat because Manny supposedly has became boastful and to teach him a lesson ---wrong. As an American writer once said you don't expect humility from superstar athletes. Is MJ humble? We are lucky Manny still has his head on the ground. I think it is just envy that motivates some people to feel that way. Get over yourselves. Boxing is still a dangerous sport that COULD kill or MAIM him. I'm just happy Manny is representing our country the best way he can (even when he was bloodied against Morales in their first fight - he fought to win just to bring honor to our country full of ingrates). YES, he makes mistakes for he is human too don't ever forget that. June 28 is coming up and all I could say is GANBATTE MANNY!

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