Saturday, June 28, 2008


Lethal combination will be tomorrow. I hope Manny wins. He always gives out his all. It is a shame some people still don't appreciate what he is doing for our country. Nah, nobody cares about them anyway. Go Manny!

I'm writing distracted - sorry about that. I saw the weigh-in pictures and Diaz seemed the bulkier of the fighters and Manny looked haggard. But Diaz's fighting style is suited to Manny as the AMERICAN is always pressing the fight, never backs down and like Morales has a big heart. The match will be a great one.

I searched Diaz's match with Morales in Youtube and I think Erik won the fight! Manny has to be wary of Diaz's elbows as the latter has a tendency to use it as shown in his title match against El Terrible.

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