Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Dragonball Evolution? It's More A Retrogression

There has been numerous negative feedback about the movie Dragonball Evolution from fans since the movie came out. I knew from the beginning it would be bad but not this bad. The story is the source of anger. Yes, there were internet reports that said Hollywood Goku is an American teenager who gets bullied in school - since when did Goku become a wimp? Oh yes, it happened when Hollywood got hold of him! In the anime, ever since he was a boy Goku was already tough. I mean he singlehandedly destroyed the Red Ribbon Army for goodness sake! And Chi Chi (Goku's love interest) is a girlfriend of a resident high school bully (I've seen this a thousand times before and sick of it)? No wonder it became an epic failure because Hollywood insisted on its cliched plot. The 20th Century Fox executives think they could come up with a better script than Akira Toriyama! HAHAHA! This is not Spiderman and no not a video of an EMO song. Keep Emo out of Dragonball LOL! They should've put Goku's face with a makeup to make it complete. Hollywood Goku is all angst. Just don't get pissed off as this is Hollywood Goku is not connected with the Real one. The real one is too tough to be pushed around.

I hope their arrogance backfires on them as Dragonball Evolution will be screened in the US on April 8th. Dragonball Evolution's producers disrespect towards the spirit of the manga hopefully will come and get them. Out of curiosity, the movie earned $ 10 m in this continent. Asian audiences were had and completely fooled (days later DBE experienced astonishing drop example a week after release Japan it dropped from third to eighth spot at the box office). Now Dragonball Evolution movie reviews are reaching North America and Europe - I wonder how the movie will turn out there.

It is not advisable to anime fans to watch this movie as it will destroy Dragonball and Goku forever. Goku has always been tough. I wonder when will this penchant for the loser-becomes-a-winner cliche in Hollywood movies stop - it's getting really old. I hope they won't try their cliched script on another Asian story classic. Don't watch it or else the sequel will come out!

There's no evolution here only retrogression as Hollywood insisted on its surefire plot that insulted the fans. You know why Goku isn't Asian in the movie? Well, the movie is made by 20th Century Fox - the conglomerate of rednecks - yes, it is the same company as Fox News and Fox Sports. Read handles' comments in Fox Sports website and you will think US is still being run by Hillbillies. I saw one call Usain Bolt a monkey during the Olympics and despite the complaints it wasn't deleted. Weeks later, it was still there. I know websites have disclaimers that opinions of handles are their own and not the company but at least delete it. The World Baseball Classic was disparaged too by Fox hillbillies for their team USA couldn't win the said tournament despite the excitement felt world wide of finally having a real World Championship not just a World Series between "the United States of America and Toronto". If 20th Century Fox does the live action of Afro-Samurai, I will not be surprised if they use Daniel Craig for the role. Afro and Goku are just drawings after all.

Update: US airing moved to April 10th

Even Adolf Hitler is MAD!!! And that's just the TRAILER lol!

Why high school? I don't know somebody please kick Rupert!!!

20th Century Fox is looking to fool some tools on April 10th

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sonofaditch said...

the problem with Hollywood execs is that most, if not all of them, have absolutely no f*cking idea what an anime or manga is, thus they tend to treat the material with the utmost disrespect - not realizing that the audience they will be catering to are diehard fans who have taken the series to heart and would scream bloody murder if any of the hallowed "canon" is subverted, revised, retconned, or just plain tampered with. Dragonball has been a succesful frachise spanning several series and touching the lives of generations. That fact itself would have made the H'wood fatcats realize the enormity of the challenge they are facing in translating the series, and the whole DB universe, into a FEATURE LENGTH film. And the cultural translation required to import an essentially Asian product and revise it to suit the Western viewpoint is very awkward, to put it mildly. Fans of DB, as well as any self-respecting anime fan should stay far, far away.

And I agree with you, the first DB series with the Red Ribbon Army was the most endearing and funny of the lot. Ayokong mapollute ang aking good memories of DB with this piece of crap movie.