Friday, August 29, 2008


Bleach creator, Tite Kubo dismissed plans of turning Bleach into a live-action film in his interview with Los Angeles Times. He said:

"If it were possible to do 'Bleach' as a live-action movie, I wouldn't have drawn the manga. I want to draw something that can only be done as a manga."

In the same interview, he also recounted how he came up with Bleach:

"Bleach" began when Kubo drew a picture of the girl who would become Rukia Kuchiki, the Soul Reaper who helps Ichigo realize his powers. "The first time I first drew Rukia, she was not wearing the black kimono that is her costume now," he recalls. "She was wearing a high school uniform, but it was black, and she was carrying a nasty-looking sword with a huge blade. That's when I knew she was going to be a Soul Reaper." When asked about the process of creating his popular manga, Kubo explained, "Sometimes, I have ideas for the characters' appearances, sometimes for their personalities. The first time I drew Chad's face, I thought, 'He's Mexican,' so I start creating a story around him. Once you get the characters set, then the story kind of moves on by itself. The key thing is that I come to love the characters, as if they were real."

the Captains and Vice-captains

Yeah, the depth of character development is astonishing - just look at the thirteen captains - their personalities are very different and it shows every time they assemble. I love it when captains mess with each other.

Bleach isn't all action. There's love.

Even Battle-hardened Captains tell a joke!
I hope you like this bro. No news yet on D-Gray Man.
By the way Kubo-san made the right decision. Look what happened to Goku in Dragonball movie version.

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