Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Asian Drama Cliches

Here is a video showing Asian drama clichés - it is very often used - the scenes lose its meaning. It doesn't matter though I will still watch Asian dramas. It is still way better than American ones and it has this charm even Hollywood remakes of Asian classics couldn't capture. The concept of romance in Asian series is different from American ones and in the former scenes are thought of really hard. It is only in Asian series that a simple bicycle riding, simple snow fight, and simple window washing ( Full House) becomes romantic. Other pretenders can't copy it for they are too jaded even to conceptualize it!

American movies are mechanical no heart and no charm - it doesn't go for subtleties for the its audience will sleep if that happens. They have series about s!x in the hospital, s!x in the suburbs, s!x in the city. I have a sneaking suspicion the writers have none of what they are talking Want to see sexy? Watch Latin telenovelas! Sometimes, the maids are more voluptuous and beautiful than their masters! Latin telenovelas are sexy, their Northern counterparts however are sluts.

The #12 observation is funny - if you're rich you are a jerk - happens in real life too!!!


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