Monday, April 7, 2008

More World Cup Memories

Writing about the World Cup rekindled my memories about that spectacular tournament. The whole world really goes on a stand still. I've seen it happen esp. in 2006 - the world stopped and took a breather. Can you imagine the tournament was the headline in all cable channels in different languages too? No other sports event could do that except the Olympics. I got a massive dose of football every day of June-July 2006. I think I got overdosed with various analyses from every pundit imaginable (from ESPN, BBC, DW, Channel News Asia) but I loved it. Of all experts I heard, I thought the Indian commentator for Sahara was the best though I failed to catch his name but his analysis wasn't tainted with nationalistic bias like those ESPN Star commentators who seem to think Asia is a borough in England. His explanations were simple but accurate. Boy, I really missed those days. Here in the Philippines, Solar Sports showed its greed by putting the World Cup on Pay-Per-View. They said the world is watching - yeah right. If it wasn't for this unnamed channel I would have missed several crucial games including the semi-finals and finals!

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