Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Bravest Comedian

I may like The Onion but my true favorite is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and one of its former reporters, Stephen Colbert (pronounced without a "t"). Mr. Colbert was so funny that he was given his own show called The Colbert Report (right after Jon's show on Comedy Central ). I think Colbert has even eclipsed the popularity of Jon in the United States.
Unfortunately, Colbert's show isn't aired in our country but it propelled the host into stardom for his fearless brand of comedy. Critics love him unlike other comedy shows in the United States which could be described as stupid, The Colbert Report is smart, witty and funny. He gave a speech at the White House Correspondent's Dinner in 2006 and he roasted Bush in front of Bush. He made it appear he admired the President of the United States but actually made fun of him. This is a classic encounter and a classic speech. Stephen Colbert is credited for inventing the term "truthiness". Please look at George Bush's reaction when Stephen Colbert was called out - priceless.

Colbert Speech Part 1

Colbert Speech Part 2

Colbert Speech Part 3

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