Thursday, April 24, 2008

Efren Reyes Makes The Greatest Pool Shot Ever

This is a tribute to the greatest billiards player who ever lived.
I have been looking for the video of this shot for a very long time - this shot was described in Time Magazine's article about Efren. Most billiards pundit consider this as the greatest pool shot ever and I agree.
Efren has the ability to stupefy billiards analyst as you will see on the second video. He can see shots and angles even some commentators couldn't see. Such is the creativity of the man they rightfully called "The Magician". The greatest ever billiards player? No doubt.

The Greatest Shot Ever


Reyes is no fancy individual, known for frolicking with show business types although he did made a movie with the lovable hero, the late Fernando Poe Jr., nor does he drive fancy cars or live in plush, celebrity-infested surroundings and strut around with a retinue of bodyguards, although he certainly has an entourage of poor relatives and friends with whom he shares his good fortune. His home is simple. His wife and family also steeped in his brand of graciousness and humility.

No wonder whenever he plays abroad alongside bosom buddy Francisco “Django” Bustamante and other Filipino pool players, scores of overseas workers waving tiny flags and placards to signify their belief in him and indeed the Filipino, pack the pool halls to cheer him on, prepare food for him and his teammates in a show of genuine affection that is hard to equal.

Once again, Reyes showed the class he is known for when we called to congratulate him. He admitted he was nervous, that Rodney Morris was unlucky with his break, which probably enabled him to win and that despite the disappointment of his supporters when the referee called a foul on him at a crucial stage of the match, it was a correct call and he had no complaints.

Reyes epitomizes the best in the Filipino in his chosen field. His innate skill, his charming disposition anchored on amazing simplicity and his virtues of being a good husband and a loving father set him apart. And make no mistake about it... playing 10 to 12 hours a day for seven days in a row at 52 years of age against 200 of the finest players in the world, takes courage and confidence. Reyes has an abundance of both in his simple Filipino heart.

This what makes Efren great - his attitude and his simplicity. He doesn't want to complicate his life by engaging in useless things like politics and showbiz. He wants to enjoy his love...billiards. Even today despite the fact Efren is older and has many surgeries that may hamper his game I still expect him to win every time he plays. I can't help it I want him to win.

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