Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 - BEWARE OF MICE!

With all due respect to the great composer, I think to visualize it just remember Tom and Jerry. Yes, Tom and Jerry, if I remember correctly this piece was used in the said cartoon. I think Tom was chasing Jerry all over the piano and the resulting sound that they create is Hungarian Rhapsody No.2! It was a great comic combination.
Just now I saw a clip on Youtube, I can't believe its available - I thought its protected by copyright. Man, my memories are being refreshed and I love this clip! I was right I knew this piece was used in Tom and Jerry - nobody can forget a great music and a great animated short.

Tom & Jerry - The Cat Concerto

Academy Award winner - Best Animated Short 1946

An interesting note:
Classic Warner Brothers cartoon made in 1946 featuring Bugs Bunny playing the piano.
The plot and execution are very similar to a Tom & Jerry cartoon that was made and released the same year by MGM called The Cat Concerto. Both studios sued each other for plagiarisms, claiming that ideas were stolen from each other.
It's interesting to compare the two.

Bugs Bunny - Rhapsody Rabbit
The moral of the story is when playing Hungarian Rhapsody be kind to the mice that lives on the piano!

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