Sunday, April 13, 2008

Slip of Fortune

In this clip, the contestant revealed his true feelings and made a huge boo-boo. So huge it made headlines on CNN. The category was people who annoy you and the words seem to fit what Randy (the guy) was thinking only to be surprised at the end! His mind was bent on that word he forgot other possibilities. This is what racist do - they don't accept anything good from the people they hate. In fact, it is minimized or trivialized to suit their twisted thinking. I thought Lyle F., a purported boxing writer fits the description. He hates Manny Pacquiao so bad he comes up with flimsy reasons to belittle the guy's achievements. Now I know what F in his surname stands for -

The N word was also used by U.S. Forces to refer to Filipinos when they were burning the province of Samar to the ground during the Philippine-American War. It's not nimble unfortunately.

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