Monday, April 7, 2008

The World Cup Memories

June 8, 1998 - a Wednesday (my feelings and thoughts that day)
I'm eagerly awaiting the start of France 98 the first game will be Brazil and Scotland. A year ago Brazil showed its form in the French Tournament with Roberto Carlos scoring that spectacular free-kick. Everyone's eyes are on Brazil - the tournament favorite. Oh no, there's school unfortunately. Worse, very few people are interested in the game of football in my school. Some of them watch those stupid soaps and talk about other people's lives. Oh well I might as well enjoy the matches on PTV (now NBN). The good way to live the World Cup fever by playing FIFA '98 on Playstation!

The hype is killing me. its just too bad in Asia summer's over and school has just started. Man, the Europeans are having another great summer. Why can't the World Cup start earlier maybe in April?

Skills of France 98 including the best one of them all The Blanco's Bounce

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