Thursday, April 10, 2008

Filipino Series Abroad

It seems Philippine broadcasting giant, ABS-CBN earned a lot in television series exports. This is great data which I believe Filipino crabs ( Filipinos who pull other Filipinos away from success) and colonial freaks (Filipinos with illogical love for anything foreign denying their own - sickos) will find it very hard to accept. But who cares? They can turn green and rot for all I I successfully pissed off one today. This is fun putting crabs in their proper places. It doesn't pay to argue though - it rarely works out well. Besides, in the battle of wits I refuse to fight an unarmed man. This news however, is great for Filipinos in touch with reality, who knows what they are and what they stand for. Though, we are few - it doesn't matter. The reality is, no country can have a perfect entertainment industry there are bound to be flaws to deny that reality is, insanity.

This is an old data but exports are still ongoing and it shows the scope of Filipino entertainment:

Philippine television giant ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. has said it will sell more Filipino soap operas to Asia, Africa and even Eastern Europe, following the successful export of one of its shows.

Reena de Guzman Garingan, Director of International Sales, said its drama "From the Heart" did well in Malaysia in 2002. It was followed by the airing of other ABS-CBN-produced series in Kenya, Cambodia, Brunei and Cameroon this year.

Other drama series have been sold to Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius and the Seychelles

Next year ABS-CBN will expand its export market to Myanmar, Vietnam, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia and Bulgaria, she added

"It's already a significant revenue contributor to the parent company," Ms Garingan said, adding that revenues from this sector grew by 40 percent in 2003 and are expected to post "conservative" annual growth of at least 10 percent in succeeding years."


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