Monday, April 21, 2008

Girly Man

Bernard Hopkins lost to Joe Calzaghe via split decision yesterday (score Ted Gimza 112-115 | judge: Adalaide Byrd 114-113 | judge: Chuck Giampa 111-116). B-hop looked like he should retire from boxing for he was too slow that he became sitting duck! Joe Calzaghe of Wales turned the boxing match into a target practice, methodically connecting off Hopkins as if the latter offered no defense whatsoever. Heavier boxing class is usually boring and this one is no different. In fairness, the match started explosively with B-hop decking the Welshman in the first round. However as the fight progressed, it became apparent that Calzaghe (with his slapping, girly-type punches) was quicker and landed the cleaner blows (sometimes in combo with no answer from B-hop). It became ugly when B-hop was hit below the belt though far from the dangerous area, he acted as if it really connected and consumed all the five-minute rest period. When the match resumed, Calzaghe still dominated the American with flurries. It wasn't pretty for some of his punches were of slapping types that made the Welshman look like a twelve-year old girl. Though it was effective or so the judges thought! Instead of fighting back, Hopkins became the bad guy feigning two more low blows and hitting Calzaghe on the thighs. In the end, Calzaghe and his vaunted slapping punches won. In my opinion, the Welshman also won - I didn't bother to prepare a scorecard as it became apparent at the start of the third round where the fight was going.

By the way, Mr. Joe "I'm fair and I'm incompetent" Cortez blew the initial rounds just like in Mayweather vs Hatton but thank God, he recovered later.

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