Monday, April 14, 2008


Thai Lakorn (drama) is getting the reputation of having too many rape or attempted rape scenes. A Lao-American pointed this disturbing pattern at the d-addicts forum. Since I haven't seen any lakorn yet I checked out the thread. The thread starter cited several examples from Thai dramas which strengthened her claim. These are some of the videos she provided which have attempted rape or rape scenes:
(with English subs)
Duang Jai Patiharn
(no subs)
Pee nong 2 leuard
Rahut rissaya
Taung Paun Kamathep

Worse, it is often the lead guy who initiates the sexual assault to the lead girl and eventually they fall in love! Since they don't show the full rape scene as it would be tantamount to pornography - the audience don't realize the horror of the act.
In other Asian countries, male leads usually treat their female counterparts like dirt and for the life of me the girl even falls in love with the guy. Funny! And some crabs in my country would point out how realistic other Asian series are in their portrayal. Really? Try reading between the lines, crabs, only masochistic women do that.
There are more dramas, the thread starter enumerated, you may check it out at this link and see for yourself:
As for me, I'll just stick to Tony Jaa martial arts flicks.

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