Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boom Boom Bautista vs Rachamongkol Sor Pleonchit / Watch Bautista vs Pleonchit / Result

Bautista vs Pleonchit: Hamon Sa Kampeon. Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista has another opportunity to redeem himself and win a world boxing championship. I know its cliche, but that's the situation. Bautista lost to a Heriberto Ruiz last November and he was effectively ostracized by some people as "bum". He said his hands hurt and was again easily dismissed by some as an excuse. It turns out, it was the truth as doctors soon discovered a rotting bone in his left hand. Ronnie Nathanielz reported that it was replaced using a bone from his hip. According to him, Bautista's hand wasn't completely healed though he was booked to fight on the 16th of October, 2009 in Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu. Boom Boom's opponent is Rachamongkol Sor Pleonchit, the reigning World Boxing Council International Featherweight champion. It means he is the top guy for boxers ranked below the top ten in that division. The Thai has an eight wins, one loss record with five knockouts. His record surprised me, Pleonchit earned the title by knocking out the Korean, in the latter's hometown. He may be inexperienced, but the victory shows the fighter has the power and courage to win. Boom Boom should be wary as he gets excited easily.

“He is ready for Oct. 16. He is close to 80 percent in hitting the bag. On Saturday he’ll go full blast. He’s sparring now mainly to improve his footwork and defense. Next week, we will up the intensity,” said ALA Promotions president Michael Aldeguer told SunStar Cebu a week ago.

If Rey Bautista wins, he might get a crack at the legitimate WBC featherweight belt soon (not necessarily after winning). I'm hoping his handlers have worked on Bautista's weaknesses which are poor head movement and poor defense. He gets excited easily in exchanges. He is willing to trade, but sometimes his chin can't take it and he falls down [against Medina, Ponce De Leon (KO loss), Ruiz for example]. Bautista should be wary of these exchanges and improve on his defense. His offense is still okay. The power is still there and I noticed he is a lot quicker now than before. Bautista can win this fight provided, he patiently works on his offense and doesn't get desperate for a KO win which often that not leaves him vulnerable. It will come. Bautista should be fighting smart right now. ALA fighters who suffered cruel setbacks like Banal & Gorres are now bouncing back I think its time Boom Boom should join them too.

Bautista vs Pleonchit Notes:
  1. Pleonchit is taller ( 5 - 9 vs 5-6) than Bautista
  2. Bautista moved up from 122 to 126 lbs (super bantam to featherweight)
  3. Bautista should be careful of the Thai's left as that reportedly KO'd his Korean opponent to win the vacant WBC Int'l Featherweight title.
Bautista vs Pleonchit
Time: 5pm
Date: Oct.16
Venue: Waterfront Hotel & Casino

Where can we watch Bautista vs Pleonchit online / live streaming? So far, even the broadcaster hasn't been announced. Stay tuned.

Update: 9 - 16 -09
Pleonchit got injured and Bautista is now looking for a new opponent.

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