Sunday, September 27, 2009

Klitschko vs Arreola Results / Klitschko Stops Arreola

Klitschko vs Arreola Result - I think I've seen this fight before where Klitschko basically pummels his opponent down to submission. Vitali Klitschko systematically destroyed Cristobal "Chris" Arreola and the match ended via tenth round TKO. The Ukrainian's long reach was too much for Arreola to overcome. Klitschko's successfully avoided Arreola's attacks and at the same time unleashing those jabs that troubled Arreola IN THE ENTIRE MATCH. To his credit, Arreola didn't give up and managed to hurt Klitschko in the fourth. But that was it. Klitschko stuck to his gameplan and clinically began dismantling Arreola - with jabs then followed by straights, or combos that violently sways the latter's head backwards. In the seventh round, Arreola was bloody and looks wretched. The Mexican-American ate a lot of jabs. It was a beating and Arreola's corner saw enough and surrendered. Arreola burst into tears but for his safety and well-being, the fight must be stopped.

Klitschko at 38 never grew old in this match and was in fact still quick, and his experience is still a huge factor in winning the fight.

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