Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez: Boxing Resurrected / PPV Buyrate

Yup, Mayweather vs Marquez generated 1 million pay per view buys. HBO confirmed the news. As a boxing fan, I'm happy. I do hope there will be no more "boxing is dead" write ups. Some say most people who bought the fights were Mexicans hopeful that Marquez, their man, would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. I don't think this figure will be broken down. It doesn't matter, it is clear that Floyd Mayweather is boxing's main attraction at the moment. This is his third fight to breach the 1 million pay per view mark. I also noticed how humble Mayweather was after the victory over Marquez. I hope he keeps it up. He has all the right to gloat about these numbers but he didn't. He told Espn's Brian Kenney that he will change himself for the better and no more of that lavish lifestyle. His keeping only one Rolls Royce, a brand new one. Congratulations, Floyd!

Update 9 -27 - 09

Let's give Marquez his credit too...I can't say how much he contributed to the PPV sales but the most important thing is he did. He is half of the attraction / fight card. This is in reaction to Dr. Ed de la Vega's article in Philboxing. I will give Marquez his due.

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