Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Donnie Nietes: Deserves A Title Defense In His Country

All this news about Bautista, Banal and Gorres will not deter me from praising the BEST BOXER in ALA stable - Donnie Nietes. The underrated and often overlooked four time World Boxing Organization minimumweight champion, has yet to defend his title here in the Philippines. Nietes deserves a lot of praise as HE SURVIVED BLATANT CHEATING IN MEXICO (when the round suddenly went more than three minutes against Ramirez, this is not the UFC folks) and he has to defend his title twice in enemy territory. How's that for mental toughness? Not even Pacquiao did that. FYI, Nietes is undefeated in FOUR YEARS. Yes, I know his boxing division (minimumweight) gets the minimum attention and probably minimum return but it is not an excuse as he is a World Champion. I do hope his handlers do something about it. The publicity and write up is so few that I didn't know he was fighting until last Saturday when it was too late to write an article. I think Donnie Nietes deserves a title defense in his homeland. If it's not economically viable even as a undercard fight, I will accept that.

Congratulations to Donnie Nietes!

Here is the account of the desperate cheating in Mexico:
"Starting in the first round, Nietes sent Ramirez to the canvas, yet Ramirez survived the count. There was a slight delay when the challenger spit out his mouthpiece. Boxer AJ Banal in Nietes’ corner was using a timer who alerted main trainer Edmund Villamor that the round had lasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds. In the second round, he timed it again, lasting this round 3 minutes and 23 seconds. AJ notified the boxing commissioner after which the correct time was being done. Assistant trainer Jeremiah Quijano calmly told the team not to worry but to concentrate on the fight. All action packed rounds ensued including a 5th round rally by Nietes who sent the challenger down for the second time."

Seriously, Nietes deserves to defend his title in the Philippines.

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