Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch Mayweather vs Marquez Online Live Streaming / Skycable Season Pass Schedule / Where To Watch

If you are in the United States, why would you want to watch Mayweather vs Marquez online / live streaming when it is available via HBO Pay-Per-View (boxing)? No matter, during Pacquiao vs Hatton fight streamed some undercard fights free worldwide! I'll try checking that out, come fight night. The quality depends on your internet connection.

I have to look for some legal sites which streams Mayweather vs Marquez online. You can actually watch Ultimate Fighting Championship online for a fee, but not boxing. It seems promoters are still not taking advantage of modern technology. For Filipinos, Mayweather vs Marquez will also available on Pay-Per-View via Sky Cable Season Pass. The fight will air on the 20th of September at 8:00 am. UFC 103 is free on Balls Television (yes, that's the name of the channel). I can't assure you that the fight is worth it though.

Mayweather vs Marquez Pay Per View Telecast will be on HBO and aired on Sept 19th at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 PT.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 49.95
Available: 71 million homes

Mayweather vs Marquez is also available on select theaters with ticket prices ranging from $12 - $15!

Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez II

Michael Katsidis vs. Vicente Escobedo

Zab Judah vs. Antonio Diaz

Well, whenever there's Michael Katsidis, there's blood and it won't be any different when he meets Vicente Escobedo on 19th of September! I'm expecting one of them will be knocked out (most likely Katsidis).

Chris John vies for a second win against Rocky Juarez hopefully the judges will see it this time. If John can pound Juarez to smithereens, he should do it as there is no assurance the Indonesian will win on the scorecards in enemy's territory.

My message to John and Katsidis is to knock out your opponent guys. You saw what happened to Paulie Malignaggi weeks ago, right? Make your victory so obvious nobody can deny it esp. the judges. For reference, see Pacquiao vs Barrera, that's the way to win a fight in hostile territory!

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