Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter 463 Sasuke vs Raikage

Sasuke vs Raikage - Naruto doesn't have to worry about Sasuke. He can perfectly handle himself. He is giving the Raikage a hard time in this Japanese comic (manga) chapter of Naruto. Sasuke has two class S ninja victims - Orochimaru and Deidara. He is pretty confident and fueled wonderfully by rage. Man, Raikage just made a World Wrestling Entertainment move and Sasuke's still OK. Yeah I'm rooting for Sasuke. Raikage needs to be taught a lesson - on humility.

Due to time constraints, I'll update this post tomorrow G.W.

9 - 12 - 09
Okay. The Raikage's all talk, all muscle and Sasuke will surprise him. I think the Uchiha boy will beat him though not kill the Raikage. I also reckon Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto's author / artist) will not put him in deeper mess than he is already now.

The New York Times Manga Best Seller List (Aug. 30 - Sept 5) puts Bleach Issue #28 on top while Naruto issue # 45 is third. Manga (Japanese comic) has attained enough popularity to have its own list separated from Graphic Novel and other art forms category.

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