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Marvin Sonsona vs Jose Carita Lopez Analysis / Result / How "Marvelous" Is Sonsona?

Marvin "Marvelous" Sonsona, allegedly one of the rising stars of Philippine boxing, will go up against veteran Jose Carita Lopez (39 - 2 32 KOs) of Puerto Rico in Ontario, Canada on September the 4th (Sonsona vs Lopez: Rumble at Rama IX). Yes, I want to believe that he is for real. With a 13 - 0, 12 knockout record, the 19 year old kid has the potential. However, has he bitten off more than he can chew? There are many so-called next "Manny Pacquiaos" out there, however, most have been a disappointment. Sometimes, the promoter's public relations machine is stronger than the actual product. Though tempted, I refuse to turn against the boxer if he doesn't live up to the potential or hype, whatever you prefer to call it, I'll just have to be a bit skeptical until he proves himself. Sonsona has the chance to prove himself not just to Filipino boxer fans, but most importantly to himself as victory over highly touted Lopez will do wonders to his career.

Jose Lopez is not a bum or a journeyman, he is the defending World Boxing Organization junior bantamweight champion (115 lb). He was set to fight another Filipino, Nonito Donaire, but Carita bolted out of the match. Some say Carita avoided Donaire. Lopez is said to be a formidable fighter (last defeat was in 2001) but his main asset over Sonsona, is experience. If Sonsona does trouble Lopez, Carita will definitely use all the boxing tricks (not necessarily dirty) he knows to throw off the challenger. Is Sonsona prepared for it? Most Filipino boxers don't know how to counter or react to "rough" boxers (I'm not saying Lopez is one just to clarify). Can Sonsona neutralize Lopez's tricks when it comes down to it? Marvin Sonsona hasn't gone past five rounds so far in his career, Carita said he will exploit that inexperience.

I admire Marvin Sonsona for taking on a real fighter unlike other boxers who pad their records using journeymen and bums which backfire on them in the end. Lopez described Sonsona has a "technical fighter" which is a good compliment, but what stands out for me, is the latter's power. Hopefully, it will come out on fight night. Most people say Sonsona should get more experience and I AGREE, but since opportunity came he should also take advantage of it. The kid has a lot of heart and Filipino boxing fans wish the gamble will pay off.

Sonsona vs Lopez
Date: Sept 4 (Sept 5 Phils)
Stake: World Boxing Organization's Junior Bantamweight
Place: Rama, Ontario, Canada

The post will be updated on fight night....

Update: 9 - 05 - 09

Unconfirmed reports say Jose Carita Lopez KO'd Marvin Sonsona in the 2nd round.

Do you want to see the fight? It's now showing on CS9. Right now.

I'm looking for more details...

Second Update 9 -05 -09

I should've known better than to listen my countrymen on these matters. I'm glad I wrote "unconfirmed reports". You know how many people get banned in Pacland before a Pacquiao fight for spreading misleading information?

I'm watching it on CS9.

Round Three: Sonsona's jabs troubling Lopez!

Round Four: Sonsona KD's Lopez

Round Five: Sonsona's power is real but he can't seem to finish off Lopez. The action mellowed down a bit. Sonsona should be more aggressive. We have a potential here!

Round Six: Lopez's tricks now appear, gives Sonsona a low blow. Why am I not surprised? Sonsona trapped Lopez in the corner and PUNISHES Lopez severely.

Round Seven:

Round Eight: I smell victory for Sonsona! Lopez is waiting as if getting wary of Sonsona's power. Lopez deducted for low blow. Canadian commentators pro-Lopez.

Round Nine: Lopez hits Sonsona with another low blow! Sonsona still delivering straights to Lopez's face LOL. The Filipino kinda lost steam but still fighting.

Round Ten: Sonsona traps Lopez delivering left and right. Sonsona hammering Lopez to a pulp. Biased TSN commentator scores it for Lopez for getting hit.

Round Eleven: Sonsona toying with Lopez. His reach advantage is too much for Lopez LOL. Lopez shots mostly missed. TSN should stick to hockey coverage they seem to be blind on who's winning.

Round Twelve: Yeah, I notice too he fights like Donaire. Sonsona picks his shots hurting Lopez. He looks like a veteran. He is so well-prepared. Sonsona is the real deal. Lopez is a legitimate champion. Scores to be announced...

114 - 111, 115 - 110, 116 - 109 (

Sonsona wins by unanimous decision. YAHOOO!!!! Sonsona is the second youngest Filipino World Boxing Champion. yahoo!!! Praise the Lord!

Marvin Sonsona YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! World Boxing Organization super flyweight (jr bantam) world champion.

Sonsona vs Lopez Analysis

What can I say? Sonsona is the real thing. Yes, he still has many weakness but at this age he is smart, punches hard and has a lot of heart. He didn't let his age be a liability, he attacks when he sees opportunity but the thing that impresses me most is his ability to see where Lopez's punches are coming and ducks at the right time, as if Lopez's telegraphing most of it. Sonsona is hard to hit and has the chin to withstand Lopez. This guy should have been with the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines for he has the making of an Olympic gold medalist - tall kid with long reach and technically sound fighter. Too bad the new management of ABAP didn't get him or missed him as they only took over the organization recently. Manny Pangilian would have gotten this guy. Unlike other young Filipino boxers, Sonsona will not force the issue if not warranted, he moves away then comes back for another onslaught. As a result, he made Lopez wary.

So it is 1 - 1 -1 as far as Philippines vs Puerto Rico (boxing) is concerned. The next match up for the two countries is Mayol vs Calderon this September 13.

Lopez def Penalosa
Calderon Mayol draw
Sonsona def Lopez

So will Marvin Sonsona move up or stay in superfly division? If he stays in the division, will the Japanese boxers fight him? They tend to fight each other so the title will stay in the country. They are afraid to go out of their country. It's a fact. Donaire repeatedly challenged them but unlike in ninja or martial arts movies where the one being challenged respond, they are mum.

The camera shot of Sonsona shows it all (see Philboxing).

Marvin Sonsona is indeed "Marvelous".

For being the world champion, Sonsona has his own separate thread in WOW! Congratulations!

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