Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez Result: The Rib vs Pee-Pee

So, what will be the Mayweather vs Marquez result (boxing)? Most people predict Mayweather will win this match EASILY. The keyword there is easily. I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. may beat Juan Manuel Marquez but it will be hard. Give the lightweight champion of the world some credit. Yes, I agree with most assessments Mayweather is bigger, stronger, and faster than Marquez. Worse, I wonder if Marquez can carry his power two weight divisions up from his normal one. Juan Manuel Marquez won't surrender though, oh he will fight to the bitter end.

Floyd Mayweather is still the overwhelming favorite in this fight and maybe this is what is wrong with this fight. Most casual boxing fans tend to agree that's why they won't buy the match on pay-per-view according to some experts. Not even Golden Boy Promotions exhortations of a competitive fight, Mayweather's fragile rib and his long layoff didn't convince many fans about the match's balance. Despite that Mayweather has a lot to lose. It will be a disaster if Marquez beats him and in defeating a smaller guy, where's the glory? People say Marquez has a lot to lose too. I say nah. At least in my book, he has nothing to lose. He fought a bigger guy - that's courage.

Marquez will get knocked down in this fight. It will be great if he survives but Mayweather is not as naive as Juan Diaz. The American will finish him off if that happens. Remember Juan Diaz hurt Marquez badly in their encounter, but the latter survived and beat the former.

If Marquez does catch Mayweather and lands punches on the American's ribs, it will be interesting to see what will happen though I think he will eat a lot of jabs before coming anywhere near Money's body.

The two maybe counterpunchers but I feel Marquez will push the action esp. if he finds himself behind in the latter rounds. If none of them press the fight, this will be a boring match. Mayweather promised to be offensive-minded though.

I will post the Mayweather vs Marquez Result after the fight. I don't mind posting play by play action come fight night.

The UFC is trying to convince me to watch Franklin vs Belfort. I'm sure one of them will sprawl on the canvass, but I'm not sure who.
I think I can watch two fight cards in one day. I'm a fight fan.

Update 9 - 20 -09

Mayweather vs Marquez Results

Katsidis defeated Escobeda via split decision. Whew! It is a fair result. Katsidis still a warrior. Congratulations Katsidis!

John vs Juarez

John systematically destroyed Juarez. Although the Indonesian's legs gave away in the last round. Luckily, he survived, but still John dominated the fight from the start. He boxed magnificently, kept distance from Juarez but attacked when opportunity came. Congratulations Chris John!

114-113 (?), 119-109, 117-111 for Chris John. What on earth is this 114 - 113 score? It wasn't a close fight!

Mayweather vs Marquez

Floyd Mayweather wins via unanimous decision.

The world lightweight champion gave it his all but it wasn't enough. Most predictions of Marquez getting KO'd didn't happen but the so-called boxing experts still got it right. Man, Marquez was knocked down in the second round (just as I predicted) but didn't give up. Juan Manuel Marquez fought ferociously but Mayweather was too much. Mayweather should have finished Marquez but it doesn't matter now as the American still won. Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The fight of the night?
John vs Juarez
Chris John displayed his boxing skills and was too much for Juarez. Today, he was a prime example of accurate punching and shot selection...and also carelessness or courage since he was almost knocked down. I could have ran away and elude Juarez in the last round like other boxers but he didn't. He was still aggressive even in the last round. Chris John is deserves a fight against another excellent technical fighter, Steven Luevano. John vs Luevano...hmmm interesting fight, right?

Thanks to Chris John's excellent performance I ignored the UFC main event LOL.

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