Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rodel Mayol vs Ivan Calderon 2 Rematch / Result / Mayol In Lions Den

Mayol vs Calderon 2 Rematch / Result (boxing) - Rodel Mayol is given another chance to put Ivan Calderon to sleep, but it won't be easy as the degree of difficulty went up. Ivan Calderon is already hard to beat, but can anyone beat him in his hometown? Yes, Mayol vs Calderon 2 is in Coliseum de Puerto Rico "Jose Miguel Agrelot"on the 12th of September for the World Boxing Organization light flyweight division. Most boxing fans and expert agree the only way Rodel Mayol can win this match is to destroy Ivan Calderon - meaning knock him out. Mayol can do it, of course, but he must penetrate that fortress-like defense that the Puerto Rican has.


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In their first fight, it was so obvious Mayol won rounds 1 to 3. Ivan Calderon was busy evading Mayol during those rounds anyway so how can he possibly win those rounds? The Ring Magazine, Top Rank and Boxingscene scorecards had Mayol ahead. Mayol had the Puerto Rican in the ropes, but couldn't put him anyway. It is perfectly understandable as this is Calderon and not some any other boxer. Clash of heads in the fifth round really bothered Calderon and it seemed he lost interest in the fight, he was barely punching. According to Boxingscene, the TV panel suggested Calderon was initiating the contact and he got what he wanted when he and Mayol clashed again. The accidental headbutt stopped the fight in the sixth round. When the scores came in, it was a technical draw ( Paolilio 58 -56 for Calderon, Schreck 58- 56 Mayol, Weisfeld 57 -57). Mayol should use this as a motivation to win the fight in Puerto Rico. I'm sure Puerto Rican fight fans appreciate warriors and hate injustice.

I'm sure Team Mayol knows what to do, but I'll add my own:
  1. Mayol should open the cut Cazares inflicted once on Calderon. Though its more than a year, repeated blows should open the cut again. Calderon, like Cotto, seems to have extreme aversion seeing his own blood like the first match.
  2. Mayol's right lead, left hook troubled Calderon in the first match and he should keep this up barring adjustments, of course, from Calderon. The Filipino should continue to be aggressive like in the first match though it is a much different Calderon he will be facing as it is the Puerto Rican's turf.
Ivan Calderon is confident as they are fighting in Puerto Rico, but don't be too sure, Mayol's fist of vengeance and power is waiting to surprise "Iron Boy". Roach is plotting Iron Boy's downfall and its up to Mayol to carry it out. Iron is vulnerable to rust too.


Update 9 - 14 - 09

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn't see the fight. Mayol lost again. Calderon got cut and won again! Thankfully, underrated and often ignored Filipino fighter, Donnie Nietes won in Mexico via split decision and Z Gorres thrashed his opponent. Maybe its time for Donnie to defend his crown in the Philippines. He deserves it.

Boom Boom will also be back in action and I will write about that.

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