Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Watch World Cup of Pool on CS9 For It Is A Devastating Experience

Yes, watch the 2009 World Cup of Pool on CS9...if you can. Calling the attention of people from Solar Entertainment, what is wrong with CS9? Please tell the government television station to fix their signal. Pretty please. I missed the first day of the World Cup of Pool thanks to CS9. It has been a long time since I saw Francisco Bustamante and Efren Reyes, the two billiards legend, together. I also missed out watching Team Korea in action yesterday. Yes, they are women but they play great pool.

Why is CS9 perennially broke?

Let me enumerate the sporting events I missed due to CS9:
  1. Games 5,6 & 7 of last month's PBA Finals
  2. Powerade Team Pilipinas first round matches
  3. 2009 Philippine Basketball Association Draft
  4. 2008 Olympics and many more I can't remember
You know what, CS9 tends to break down just in time for a big event. I'm calling your attention sirs so you could do something about it. I think I reached my limit. Don't give me that beggars can't be choosers argument since I have cable television now and it doesn't carry Solar Sports. I know how responsive Solar Entertainment is to its public and I'm confident the problem will be solved soon. Thank you very much in advance.

Solar Entertainment has block time slots in the government station called RPN now renamed CS9 if it carries its shows.


Broke again

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