Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mizukage Has Hots For Sasuke / Mizukage vs Sasuke / Yondaime Mizukage

It seems Mizukage still likes men, despite her aversion of the word earlier in the Naruto manga (Japanese comic) chapter. She complimented Sasuke as "handsome" but her hatred for Atsuki didn't diminish. Again, Sasuke's in trouble I reckon the Mizukage is one tough woman. Nah, Sasuke can handle her, but his target is Danzo who seems to have escaped.

If Mizukage vs Sasuke occurs, the fight won't be concluded much like in the Raikage match up. Sasuke just wants to finish off Danzo.

Raikage, Mizukage, Deidara, & Orochimaru - Sasuke's opponents are formidable. Presently, he is 2 -0 and one, not yet concluded. I can't wait for the Raikage vs Sasuke in anime and watching it on television.

Why do they have to fight? I kinda like the Mizukage, she retains her feminine charm despite being the strongest Ninja in her village. The good news is, we will see what her techniques are.

Naruto manga issue 45 is second in New York Times manga list (Sept 13 - 19). I missed every weeks of the anime already.

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