Monday, April 27, 2009

Smile Dorama Offends Filipinos? Does It Discriminate Against Filipinos?

Are Filipinos offended with Smile dorama? Nah, you bozos. Most of them liked the drama (see forums) but the term "yarou" or "b@staRd" is what they hate (esp. Filipinos in Japan) as it does hurt esp. to those you've experienced being told so first hand. They don't hate the Smile dorama in fact most understand the necessity of using the term "yarou" (to realistically portray racism in Japan). But the term still hurts and they have a right to complain about it. It is better to make your feelings known than to hide it.

I commend the producer and the writer for coming up with a very relevant drama as Japan tends to turn a blind eye on most of its problems like everything is fine but it is not.

If Jun Matsumoto is half-white in the series, he would be treated differently. There are many half-white actors successful in Japan like Eiji Wentz and Yuu Shirota - their ethnicity isn't hidden but to half- Japanese half-nonwhite percentage - its a HUGE PROBLEM. With the exception of Leah Dizon (who looks white), no other Japanese actors are brave enough to claim Filipino ancestry. Not that there aren't but it's akin to career suicide.

What I'm saying:

It is the pejorative term used that Filipinos in Japan are angry NOT the Smile Dorama. I have proof.

They have right to express their feelings as the word does hurt. You cannot take it anyway just as you can't take the pain out of the word "ch-nk", "j@p" or other racist terms. Why on earth are some people being defensive on the drama? No drama is perfect with the kind of subject it is bound to hurt people even when it's not intended. The producers have to live with the criticism as they took the risk to make it in the first place. What I'm saying is whether justified or not the affected people have the right to respond whether in anger or other negative emotions as long as they don't hurt anybody.

Why do you think the producers made the lead character Filipino? Because if its Korean or Chinese, there would have been a rally in Seoul or Beijing right now. Give us more credit for maturity here.

If you want to read sober and in-depth reporting about Japan read Japan Times and Mainichi Daily News but if you want cheap and sensational news read Japan Today.This is based on my experience reading both newspapers online.

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