Sunday, April 26, 2009

Penalosa vs Lopez Result / Penalosa Outworked Again!!!

If this fight happened ten years ago Penalosa vs Lopez fight result would have been different - a lot different. Penalosa gave a good account of himself on this one but it wasn't enough. Gerry Penalosa is really fearless going toe to toe with Lopez. All those erks saying Juan Ma will kill Gerry in the first round were silenced since obviously they don't know Penalosa that much. As I've said before he is too smart to down like that -- He did. Unfortunately age caught up with Gerry Penalosa his speed was gone and the fact that he moved up to 122 lbs didn't help. But enough of that, if this was ten years ago Penalosa would beat Juan Manuel Lopez. I mean the aging veteran's rights still gave Lopez some problems. Gerry's punches were slowing Juan Ma too - but Penalosa got hit many times by so-called power punches. Juan Ma threw more than 100 "power punches" in two rounds but Gerry was still standing up and fighting back. It was such a shock for Juan Ma he asked his corner if he was winning just to be sure. Other boxers Juan Ma faced folded up quickly ( to think they're younger than the Filipino) but this Gerry Penalosa is one tough nut to crack. However, Roach had seen enough and stopped the fight.

Whatever. Gerry Penalosa still gave a good account of himself. Thank you Gerry!

Tributes pour in from fans in -

You made us proud.Your courage, heart, and will gave us something to admire.Even though we lost and fell to a defeat, we hold our heads up high, knowing one of our own, showed the HEART OF A FILIPINO CHAMPION -pinoyflipboi

Again as said before, being old and much stripped off his KO punch, I consider this a win for Gerry. His defensive skills are great but his counter-punches doesn't have their sting anymore. Hats off indeed. - vimboy

was a well fought battle. heart a pinoy champion on display -noizmaker

Thank you Gerry!

Gerry should now concentrate on developing more fundamentally sound boxers like him in the Philippines.

Gerry Penalosa won't retire and instead will fight the winner of Montiel-Morel fight on June 27 in Atlantic city according to a Philstar report. Well, he still wants to fight and he thinks he can do it. Our stand on this issue doesn't matter

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jewris said...

it was a head held high fight for gerry. he made us proud despite defeat. it was an impressive performance yet not enough for gerry to surpass the power of a young champion like juanma. however, for sure gerry gave juanma lots of surprises. for us you are still champion gerry. your contribution to boxing is a sure license to hall of fame.God bless you Gerry!

Oresama said...

Very few people expected Gerry to last or even reach the second round but he did. The champion's chin is still here but the speed and power is nowhere near in his prime.