Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Fuss Over Shojo S (English) / Hottest Bleach Opening Yet

Bleach Opening 10 is Shojo S by Scandal. Just look at Rukia and Orihime let it all go dancing like there's no tomorrow! This is the new Bleach opening for episode 215. Some Bleach fanboys don't like it even with Rukia and Orihime dancing. What on earth do you want? Ichigo and Ishida shaking their booties instead? HA! Crazy otakus! Some say Kon made the video. Kon is Tite Kubo - he made the character anyway. Nah, I'm playing.

Shojo S must be the hottest Bleach opening which is apt for its SUMMER!!! Yeah enjoy Rukia displaying a bit of her s-xuality normally absent in the series. Yes, Naruto Shippudden ladies got into dancing several episodes ago but NOT LIKE this. I will post Shojo S music video once available. I'm interested.

I don't remember any hot Bleach opening maybe because I'm tired? I'll try to recall some but for now this is the show's hottest opening song yet. I'm sure many more will follow.

In case you're wondering what the band is saying (like I did) here's a translation

Shojo S English Translation

by Scandal

I guess I'm trying to say thank you?

I only let a tiny bit of honesty show through

As the days wind down trying to blame someone else is just running away

Anyways, I'm sorry. Goodbye


I wanna hold your hand when you're gone. I'm selfish like that.

(Never gonna let it go. Never gonna give it up)

I wanna know what love and friendship mean

(I don't dig how. It's always so vague.)

Someday you will bust the lock on my heart

The door to my heart is closed up tight

Waiting for you to knock

I don't need anything else

I wanna believe in tomorrow

(subs credit: HissouBuraiKen / Dattebayo)

This is Shojo S English Translation please enjoy it Bleach fans (courtesy of Dattebayo). It is still incomplete as the song's single is yet to be released. I will update this and find a full translation soon.

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