Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fans Mourn Son Goku's Death / Son Goku (1984 - 2009) / Funeral

Sayonara. Son Goku (1984 - 2009)

Fans mourn the death of one of anime's strongest warrior Son Goku. Son Goku is just no match to a plague that stole his life.

Son Goku's death isn't usually news as he could be revived but not this one. A plague finally finished him off.

"Goku never submitted to Freeza, Cell, or Buu, but succumbed to the producers of Hollywood"

"No pudieron Freezer, ni Célula ni Boo con él… pero ha sucumbido a los productores de Hollywood"

Son Goku is the lead character in the Japanese anime Dragonball. Hollywood through Fox recently made a live-action version of the beloved anime. Fans didn't like and Dragonball Evolution bombed. Fans are contemplating whether the franchise suffered a huge blow courtesy of the movie (damage might be to non-fans).

Nah, with loyal fans such as these, Son Goku will live on. Akira Toriyama - show's creator - is still around and could make a new story arc if he wants to. Goku is alive and not the overhyped and uncreative Hollywood can dent his impact or existence.

Even Moby and the lead singer of Greenday attended the event (lookalike). If you take this seriously, it is better to get your head examined.

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ensurii said...

This is just my theory, but I believe that this is the effect of the Global Financial Crisis. Japan is loosing money, and buying pirated anime/Japanese-related movies off the streets is just making it worse. Japan had no choice but to sell rights to Hudas-wood