Sunday, April 5, 2009

Valero vs Pitalua Fight Result: Valero Behind Schedule Destroys Pitalua In Two

Valero vs Pitalua fight is Edwin Valero's chance to break out in the world of boxing at least in the sport's largest market United States. This after he was cleared by the Texas State Athletic Commission to fight in its jurisdiction months ago. Thanks to his knockout videos in Youtube, Edwin Valero assumed mythical intrigue and is often paired up with other top notch boxers in his weight class but so far nothing has materialized. The fight will strengthen Valero's reputation assuming he wins again via knockout.

Edwin Valero 24 (24) - 0 vs Antonio Pitalua 46 (40) - 3

Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas
WBC Lightweight championship

Valero vs Pitalua - Lightning Lightweights

Fight notes:

Round 1 Valero vs Pitalua Fight Result
Fight started slowly...Valero is keeping his hands down but Pitalua is not taking advantage. A looping left from Valero tags Pitalua...end of first round.

Round 2 Valero vs Pitalua Fight Result
Valero violently attacks Pitalua hurting the latter...Valero whips Pitalua left-right combos, rocks Pitalua's head. The referee stops fight as seven unanswered punches drops Pitalua. Valero is behind schedule another knockout victory for the Colombian.

0:49 of the second round official time
Edwin Valero wins the WBC Lightweight Championship.

The heck Pitalua looks older than my grandpa...Valero should fight Katsidis and Juan Diaz next. I'm not yet convinced about the Colombian though for one thing how can Valero keep his hands down most of the fight and not be punished? Any world-class fighter could do that but Pitalua couldn't - he was too intimidated with Edwin. But it is a great show for Valero if he keeps it up he'll develop a huge fanbase.

Change of style I don't want to look like a newspaper report. On a lighter thought, I'm thankful I did Valero vs Pitalua fight and not the Holt vs Bradley. I don't like typing that much LOL.

Valero's first US fight in five years
...his last match in the country was in 2003 according to Boxrec.

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